Paintings by Mouth and Foot Artists Prints

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Painting by Mouth and Foot Painting Artist
Painting by Mouth and Foot Painting Artist

Mouth and foot painting is a technique to create drawings, paintings and other works of art by manoeuvring brushes and other tools with the mouth or foot. The technique is mostly used by artists who through illness, accident or congenital disability have no use of their hands. The Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (AMFPA) is a worldwide organization representing these artists. Get these paintings and many more creative arts by world-renowned artists certified prints by Pologifts Creation Pvt. Ltd.

The brushes and tools that are used are ordinary artist’s implements, but they may be modified in length or width. Mouth painters hold the brush in their mouth or between their teeth and manoeuvre it with their tongue and cheek muscles. The paper or canvas is usually mounted vertically on an easel. Mouth painting is strenuous for neck and jaw muscles since the head has to perform the same back and forth movement as a hand does when painting.

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